Friday, 22 October 2010

Harriette concept

'Nother paintover and costume ideas. Need to do more iterations.
Gonna spell her name like this now from now on haha.
edit: added another


Michael Powell said...

Nice paint, but I'm not sure how this character and Mr Chav below relate to your proposal from Friday?

Or are these nothing to do with that?

Doyora said...

she needs to be more kawaii

otherwise fine

Slaney said...

Mike, what was the proposal suggesting? I think the designs are quite quirky and will defo be something different. Also good painting indeed.

He is also no chav! He is not being hugged by David Cameron or wearing reebok classics.

Blair said...

@Mike, check out the relationship diagram Zongyi posted, these characters are designs for a stereotypical rebellious character, and an innocent damsel type character. I'm just developing the ideas so these aren't final designs, just proposals. If you have any suggestions design-wise I'd like to hear, but hopefully they will make more sense when they're in context, ie alongside the other characters. :)
@Dave, thanks again for the paintover!
@Slaney, Haha I'm really glad you get where I was trying to go with this..!

Michael Powell said...

I was thinking in the context of the movie posters / film noir thing. I don't follow the logic at the moment. Yes she's a cool concept, no question, but seems a little random at the moment.

If I;m asking questions like this at the moment, its cos there is a logic flaw/unresolved narrative issue. No matter how cool everybody tells you your work is, gotta solve those logic issues.

So we need to see how the characters all fit together, asap! Note I said SEE not read or hear. :)

the little smiley symbol is to to ensure you understand i'm being critical but not criticizing you.

Blair said...

@Mike, ohh I completely understand what you mean now, other people have said similar things, yeah she does seem a bit random until we can show the characters all together. How about me and Z design a few test movie posters with the proposed characters, so the idea becomes more visual? We can work on that next week. Obviously we want to iron out as much of these issues as possible before the production of the characters starts. :]

Michael Powell said...

love the poster idea, get to it!

Slaney said...

Oh I see what you mean Mike, in terms of film noir there are expected archetypes...if you guys can fuse the two together (like a chav bogarte)then it can be awesome for sure.

I want to see those posters!