Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Renders from the presentation

Here are some of the images of my rigged characters from today's presentation. Still work-in-progress.


Slaney said...

Might need two comments to fit this, blogger doesn't like writing...

Shepard 1:

Have a look at the way Deckard's coat behaves in Blade Runner.

They have a similar style, and I think it could be nice to have the smaller wrinkles.

It looks a liitle bit like his left arm is clipping through his rolled up sleeves, or is it a button?
Possible artefact running down the right arm?

Gun might be a bit too shiny.

Very nice material choices. The composition sits nicely on the eyes, he looks like a practical everyday guy. The detailing around the holster frames him really well.

Shepard 2:

Don't know what you can do about the alphas other than cheat a little (Which I am not suggesting you do BTW). I would suggest bringing the line on his jumper in around the area where neck and shoulder meet, define the shape a bit more (In the left hand image). Maybe paint his hair in a little onto his head texture just to blend the area between head and hair a bit.

Might be worth adding a little bit of shading to the top half of his eyeballs to make give that ambient shading.

Shephard 3:

Thumb clipping gun and arm through cuff, looks like a lighting artefact on the arm, maybe in the normal map. Maybe a little shading under his hairline on the texture could add a little. There is alot happing in the face spec, but not so much in the hair, maybe balance that out a bit. Probs a bit more spec out of the leather of his holster. Might want to add some signs of creasing leading to his armpit area.

Morgana 1:

Maybe work into the hair a bit more with colour and fine hair detail especially round the back. With brown hair, in the light you will see some oakey tones, and also the odd lighter hair.

The style is really distinctive, so doing these little bits will really sell the shape even more. All the shapes and materials read really well. Maybe a slight amount more shading into the top of her shoulder blades, but that is marginal...

For really minor details, maybe some body moles...just to give a little added something?

Morgana 2:
Possible artefact on the front of her neck? Just under her jaw, you might be able to smooth that one light jag by turning the edges in max, but it might just go the other way so...who knows.

Might be an idea to bring the necklace string close to the model, just to deal with the gaps between the edges...just a
preference thing. Little more shading into the clavical, just to bring out the form a little.

Slaney said...

Chung 1: Try introducing some ocre-yellows into his trousers around the edges, where light is more likely to pass through,
even on the tops of the creases. Maybe a little wear around the edges of his shoes, where the material is getting a bit they are his old favourite pair...a little shading between shoe edge and sock too I think.

The way his belly pushes up in the left-most image is really selling the shape nicely.

Think about the little creases again though, check this image, and the way big-fat-vis' (on the left) satin pyjamas flow.

Granted he is an exceptionally fat man, but you get a sense of what movements he makes. Also check the way the seams are...Chungs outfit might be better tailored though, so I reckon that's preference.

Chung 2:

Try to soften that aliasing on the right cuff. Also his hands need to look older.

I think he needs a little more blending between head and hair, like Shepard. also look into using the colours on his face to show the different qualities in his skin.

Have a look at how Rafa's skin tones show the structure of his face. Assuming Chung has been around the block, he will have been under just as much stress as Rafa was. Think about things like the shine on the top of his head which helps describe his head shape. Slightly redder upper eyelids and a bluer hue in the lower ones, little colour variations.

All in all, these characters have got alot of expression and it gives them a weight of personality. Adding the little bits and peices will enhance these subtle qualities. Getting the intangibles right is difficult, that 'thing' which gives a character dimension. You have done some really nice work here.

Look at things like reddening in the joints, and the tiny little fluctuations which help you read a persons shape. Add those in and these will be exceptional!