Tuesday, 25 January 2011

more higher res images

Still not totally happy with the profile. Needs more ref.


Slaney said...

This is coming together very nicely, I like the fact you have gone for a material with some unusual properties, I think there are some affect you could think about using.


this links to a photo of a leaf. The way light diffuses through it...it you can mimic this on the boundaries of the dress (I assume it is a lightweight chiffon-esque material) it could look amazing. Also think about adding some micro-creasing on some parts of it. If this is her regular outdoor wear, then it will develop little idiosyncracies based on how she walks.

I know this is a bit of an additional, but have you thought about how this would look when she is posed. As her walkig would interfere with the way it folds. Perhaps, having a version of the dress for each pose, and blend between the two, could be a nice little touch.

Also in terms of her face. In profile I think you need more of a hint of a brow ridge, a subtle one. The thing to remember about some reference, especially if it's fashion related, is the amount of airbrushing that takes place.

Its looking very unique and the style is intriguing, I look forward to seeing it develop!

Blair said...

Thanks for the detailed comment! Will try get some of that transparent quality with the fabric, the dress is gonna take a bit of experimentation but i will post progress of that :]