Friday, 28 January 2011

Zbrushing Shepard

Current work-in-progress stage of my character in Zbrush. Will add pockets to his trousers.


Slaney said...

Looking very good indeed. I like it when there is a character design which doen't over-do it with pieces. This is succinct and covers what is neccesary. Face has expression too, gives it good weight.

He is rocking a Han Solo shirt which is very retro of him.

If I were to say anything, it would be maybe a slight creasing around where the body of the shirt and neck meet. If you assume that a neutral pose brings his shirt forward, it might bunch a little bit.

Also the creases just below his ass are maybe a little severe. His trousers are tight just above there, so maybe soften the creases to become a bit more notional.

Bloody good work though, keep going!

Zongyi Chen said...

Thanks! Yeah, this is a pretty old version now, the shirt sculpt now has creases around the neck area.

Ah yeah, I'll soften those folds under his butt. :D