Monday, 28 February 2011

The dress, aargh

Here's Morgana's full body so far. Very unhappy with how the dress has currently turned out, I need to work on those folded areas in the top part of her dress. Jolyon from Blitz said they looked too lumpy in the Zbrush sculpt so I made them less lumpy, but I think there is still a lot more work required to make that "wrapped area" of her dress to look right.

PS. Is it just me or does she make me think of a better version of my Tellu from my 2010 Comicon entry? XD


Slaney said...

I can see what he says. I think the issue is that the texture is saying that there is alot of shape to that area, but the mesh doesn't back it up. With a bit of shaping to that area of the actual mesh I think you can make it work.

I'd also take a look at the harsh edge coming away under her left armpit maybe...

These are all little things really, the expression and design are really very good.

Zongyi Chen said...

Thanks Slaney. I'm going to completely re-do the top part of that dress because there just isn't enough geometry to hold up all the folds of the sculpt.

Oh yeah, will remove that harsh edge too. Cheers!