Wednesday, 9 February 2011

harriette texture wip

Aiming for a kind of silky chiffon. What does it look like to everyone?


Michael Powell said...

her boobs look weird, like she's wearing something wet. would relook at the way the material falls across her chest.

also, i don't want to sound rude but there's no easy way to say this... is she meant to look retarded


little smiley face so you know i'm not being mean

Blair said...

Agree with the first bit, will fix that.

No, she's not meant to look retarded, but I can't help the way the default unrigged face looks.


Anonymous said...
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Slaney said...

I still think the creases look a little too solid for such a lightweight material.

If we assume that chiffon diffuses light and also has many tiny undulations to it, the shadows would not be as crisp as this, or as wide. Needs softening.

Looking good though. It's an interesting design.

P.S Mike, I applaud how sharp your retard-dar is, must be a decade of working in education.